2 Important Advices to Internal Auditors

2 Important Advices to Internal Auditors


Every profession, there are certain characteristics and tasks that mark great professionals. Internal Audit is no different. There are some musts which Internal Audit professionals should also do while performing their profession.

1. Learn the business

The more you know about your current industry, the better you do your job. This is the truth. But, some internal auditors stay at their offices in their comfort zone and do not attempt to learn something new about their companies business. They may attend training that is specifically centered on auditing. This is important but industry specific training is also very valuable. The good internal auditors are lifelong learners and can easily navigate between industries. “Learning a new business” is something we are inherently good at probably because we constantly have to “learn” new processes while performing audit engagements. Therefore, it is essential that we learn as much as we can about the business environment within which we operate.

2. Connect with Others

Good internal auditors build a good professional network. Maybe you’ve met some of them. They may not know everything, but they can find the answer to almost anything. These auditors have a network of external contacts (i.e. other auditors, industry experts, etc.) and great company contacts. In some situations you find someone who has both great external and internal connections. These are the individuals who understand the concept of shared knowledge and typically can be seen giving just as much as receiving. Their network is valuable.