Manners (1)

Manners (1)


External and Internal Personalities

In learning and following the etiquette and manners, both your external and internal personalities count. You actually display outwardly as well as what you really are. At times, you may succeed in displaying good side of you despite your internally weak personality but it requires lots of efforts. On the other side, if your internal personality is good, you can learn to display yourself that way easily with much less efforts. Both the types of personalities are important.

While internal personality is the real you and your all time asset and that should be excellent, it is important to have impressive external personality too, as you are aware that at times, first impression may be the last impression. You may not get another chance to correct that impression if it was not OK for the other person who matters to you.

The First List of ELQs (Executive Like Qualities)

  • Knocking the door of the room of the person you are visiting and taking permission to enter before entering the room.

  • Always checking up with the executives of the company or their secretaries for an appointment for better time management and as manners.

  • Pick up the phone before two to three rings.

  • On phone, being polite.

  • Always be 100% punctual in meetings.

  • Always go fully prepared for meetings, keep all the relevant data/information with you.

  • Say "good morning”, "good evening" etc. as appropriate with a warm, firm and brief hand shake.

  • Try to remember the correct names of the persons with whom you are dealing and address them by their correct names. Never call other person by yelling a "hello" or "Sh sh sh" etc. They are bad manners.

  • Never keep your mouth open while taking a yawn. Close it by keeping a palm over the mouth. In the first place do not yawn in front of others, control it.

  • While sitting do not keep shaking your legs.

  • Keep your mouth clean of bad breath. Do not eat garlic or onions etc. during the day time if possible.

  • Keep your body clean of bad odors. Keep yourself clean and use perfume/deodorant.

  • Do not talk/gossip with a fellow colleague sitting next to you during the conduct of meetings.

  • Always offer chair to others for sitting.

  • Do not shout while talking. Always keep your cool.

  • You must dress properly, well fitting, clean and well pressed clothes.

  • Polish your shoes regularly.

  • Shave daily without any exception (for men).

  • Never spit.

  • Cut your nails regularly.

  • Comb your hair properly.

  • Do not keep scratching your body in public.

  • Rehearse your sentences in mind before you actually speak out.

  • Never talk loose.

  • Be friends with your subordinates but never become familiar because familiarity breeds contempt.

  • Keep diary and make sure that whatever tasks you undertake should be completed in time.

  • Do not have favorites. Treat everyone professionally.

  • Never leak out company secrets, policies and confidential information.

  • If you do not drink, say a polite "no, thanks" for drinks. If you do drink, keep it in limits in parties.